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What is an AI-upscaled image?
What is an AI-upscaled image?

About AI-upscaled images on Press Loft

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What is an AI-upscaled image?

AI-upscaling is the process of using artificial intelligence to increase the resolution of an image.

Here is an example of an AI-upscaled image:

Have all images on Press Loft been AI-upscaled?

No, only some of the images on our image library have been AI-upscaled.

Our brands have the option to upscale their low-res images with AI, and can do so on our platform.

We offer AI-upscaling so any low-res images our brands upload can meet our image requirements, but we still recommend to our brands that they should upload their own original high-res images as these will be the best overall quality.

Filter your results to show or hide AI-upscaled images

You can toggle this setting on and off in the image library search filters.

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