You might have received email notifications coming through about press coverage generated via your Press Loft account. This is something we have recently started to do, mostly from European and Australian magazines. We are currently confirming about 5,000 pieces of coverage a month for our clients around the world. 

You can have a look at some of the coverage we have confirmed in the past: 

What do I do once I have had press coverage?

Share your coverage on social media

One of the quickest ways to get your coverage out there is to post it on social media (Twitter, Instagram and Facebook), saying thanks to the publication and/or journalist and remember to include a link to the product featured on your website. If it’s a piece of online coverage then you can also add this link. If you’re lucky, the publication will tweet or repost it to all of their followers too!
You can also share the same piece of coverage multiple times over the first month or two unless it is no longer relevant.

Include the article in your newsletter
This is a powerful and easy way to shout about your recent press coverage.

Post about it on your website

1. Share the article on your website This link can be found on the coverage email notification you have received from Press Loft.

2. Add a mention to your website See below for helpful ideas.

As Featured in – simply write the names of the magazines that you have been featured in and include in a prime spot on your homepage. NB: the magazine logo (also known in journalism as a masthead) is copyrighted and you need to get permission to reproduce it. Most magazines are pretty open regarding this sort of usage so it can be easy to get this permission directly from the editor. If you can't get permission, don't fret, simply type the titles in different fonts.

As Featured in ‘flash’ on images which have all been featured in publications. This one, on the Dorothy Perkins website, is a great example as it’s very visual, simple and requires no licensing at all!

The very best way you can support the magazines that are featuring your company is to buy, buy, buy them!  And don't forget to drop the journalist an email to say a big thanks too!

Be careful to stay within the law when you share coverage

Before you share any articles you need to know the rules and regulations surrounding replicating press coverage. This depends on where you are based – regulations and law in the UK, Australia and the US are different. 

Even if the article features your image, the article itself is the copyright of the publishers. This means you need to get permission from the publisher (in writing no less) to confirm that you are allowed to replicate the article on your website or anywhere else, including on social media or a client newsletter.  
This involves contacting the legal team at a publishing house and explaining exactly what you want to feature and where.  It’s important here to realise that the journalist (unless they also own the magazine/blog) can’t give you that permission.  
This process can be time-consuming and they might not always say yes. 

Read more about licensing here:
Depending on where your company is based, please check with the licensing office in that country to make sure you are not breaking the law!

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