If you ship or stock products internationally, you can update your International Settings to promote to our overseas journalist networks. This will greatly increase the number of journalists who have access to your images and in turn will mean more features!

To set or change your International Settings, hover over the Settings button on your left-hand dashboard menu. Select International Settings.

Now you can change your Ship To and Based In locations. 

Ship To: Means that you do not physically have products in stores, or an office/shop set up in those countries but you do ship to these countries from your existing location. 

Based In: Means that you physically have products in stores or have your own store/office in these locations. 

Important – if you enter a country into the Based In setting because you manufacture a product that is stocked overseas, you must enter a valid stockist in that country that journalists can credit in their features. You can enter this information in your PR & Stockist Settings (more info)

Only select a country for Based In if you have a physical store in this country. 

We will not showcase your images to journalists in countries other than those you select in your settings. 

If you ship worldwide but want to exclude only a few countries, rather than entering hundreds of countries in the Selected area, select Worldwide in your settings, then open the bottom Advanced Settings area. Here you can select the countries you do NOT with to PR in and it will exclude these countries for you. 

Once you have completed all changes simply press Save to update your settings.

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