Oh no! Sorry to hear you wish to close your Press Loft account. One might call it a catastrophe but there are ways to stay in touch...

You're trialling on Press Loft and would like to cancel your account?

If you would like to end your trial on Press Loft, simply email us at info@pressloft.com and we will archive your account for you on Press Loft.

We can also pause your trialling account for you to reactivate at a later stage.

You're subscribed to a membership and would like to cancel your account?

Simply email us at info@pressloft.com. We will check your account, billing date and review your current membership terms to activate the cancellation for you. 

If you would like to put your membership on hold instead of cancelling, you can email the Press Loft team at the above address.

We Would Love to Hear Your Feedback

Reach out – we would love to find out about your experience on Press Loft as we are always aiming to improve our services and packages!

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