Private Press rooms are like your own private online hub for journalists. They showcase all the content you've already uploaded, but in a custom-branded private URL. Perfect for use in your own marketing material as journalists can't see other brands while on your Private Press room. (more info)

Setting up your Private Press room is quick and easy

Log in and go to Settings in your left-hand menu, then Design Settings. 

Click any of the editable areas to make changes or use the menu to adjust colours and fonts. 

Our Private Press room allows you to choose your own URL. We recommend that you use your company’s name. Once set up, the link will automatically insert the www. and will be followed by so simply enter e.g. myshop only. 

Press Loft provides several methods for customising your Private Press room. After you’ve selected your colour scheme, you can add 3 top images and a further ‘Featured Image’ that you would like to show off to your contacts. It’s a good idea to regularly update these images. Consider adding additional text to these pictures as your description could inspire journalists to create a trend using your products!

When you are happy with your page, click save and type in your URL into a new browser tab to view the live site!

You can now start linking to your Private Press room from your website, your press releases or email signature to make it accessible to journalists. 

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