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How to set up your online press office
How to set up your online press office

Step by step guide to setting up your online press room, uploading your logo and adding the about text to your company profile

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How do I create my Private Press room?
Creating a Private Press room is quick and easy. Go to your Press Loft account, and click on the Design Settings tab, and start fine-tuning your page.

Click any of the editable areas to make changes or use the menu to adjust colours and fonts.

Our private press room allows you to choose your own URL. We recommend that you use your company’s name. Once set up, the link will automatically insert the www. and will be followed by so simply enter e.g. myshop only.

Upload your logo to help journalists to easily recognise your brand.

You can select a colour scheme for your press office to match your website. If you don't wish to pick a colour, simply select white in the middle. The design settings will only save if a colour is selected.

Top tip: To make sure that you correspond with the colours of your site, you can use free colour-picking software, such as to find out the exact color code in HTML format.

You can add up to 2 ‘Featured Images’ that you would like to highlight. It’s a good idea to regularly update these images.

You can decide which sections of your online press office will be displayed on the live version. Simply select the content that you want to make visible to the network.

Write a few lines about your brand and your story to to help journalists understand what you're all about and inspire them to write about you.

Adding your social media handles will allow users to directly access your social media profiles and follow you to be updated regularly about your brand.

Click save and preview to see the live version of your new Online Press Room!

Trouble saving? Make sure that you have selected a colour in Step 3. The design settings will only save if a colour is selected.

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