Every time a journalist downloads an image on Press Loft, brands receive an instant alert listing all of the download information. This helps to keep track of what images are being downloaded.

This information is also viewable in your online Download Report when logged in. You will have access to the publication name, date of download, contact details for the journalist and the expected publication date (when known).

There are never any guarantees that your product will be used and things can change just before the final edit. We are not informed by journalists either way but we try to find out if successful, as much as we can! ☺️

We've recently dipped a toe into tracking coverage ourselves, and will be sure to notify you if we see you featured online or in any of the magazines that we receive to the offices! You can read more here

Why don't journalists just tell me if they have published my image or not?

Journalists are often super busy with deadlines and are not obliged to reply or to send a confirmation of coverage, but some may send you a PDF of the final coverage. 

If you are looking for a more thorough method of monitoring the press, PR agencies tend to hire a cuttings/media monitoring agency, which will be able to notify you of the majority of print coverage. It can be costly, however, so not always suitable for smaller brands. 

Should I follow up with journalists to check if my images are going to be published?

We know it's tempting to get in touch but these types of emails usually don't receive replies so we don't recommend following up.

Buying the magazines shown in your Download Report are pretty much the best way of knowing for sure whether your image has been featured in an article.

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