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Captioning and editing images
Listing your images on the Image Library
Listing your images on the Image Library

How to upload and caption your pictures

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This is a step-by-step guide to listing your images on Press Loft.

Before you can start showcasing your products in our Image Library, you must be registered on Press Loft as a brand.

Step 1: Add images to your Press Loft account

To begin, sign into your Press Loft account and go to Image Library, then click the Upload Images button on the top right. Select the preferred Import Option. You can add multiple images at once.

We recommend that your images be:
Minimum 100kb (although we recommend aiming for at least 1MB if you can!)
Max 8MB
Minimum 1 million pixels (eg 1000x1000 pixels)

We also recommend uploading at least 50 images to help journalists get a better feel for your brand and have a range of pictures to choose from. The more images you have on Press Loft the better.

Step 2: Complete your product details

Below are the required fields to make an image go live on Press Loft (). The last two tips are not compulsory but highly recommended.

Product Name ✅
Enter the name of the product the way you would like it to be mentioned in an article.

Product Description ✅
Add a few sentences to describe your product and its main characteristics. You can copy this information from your website.

Image Style
Cut out - Lifestyle - Other. Read more about image styles here.

Categories ✅
Select up to two sub-categories on the Categories page.

Keywords ✅
You need to add a minimum of 5 keywords for each of your images (though we would recommend at least 15) and make sure to put a comma in between (see full article here). To be referenced properly on Press Loft, make sure to add all of the relevant keywords to your images.

Product link
Add a direct link to the product on your website. This is important for journalists to double check availability and pricing.

Enter the price of your product. This will help journalists find all information on each product.

Launch date

If you would like to PR a product that hasn't launched yet, you can select a launch date and journalists will be know that they either can't feature it until then or they need to make their readers aware.

Example of product editing: 

Step 3: Save the image

Simply save the image once you have added in all of the details.

Step 4: Your listing is now live!

Once you have saved your image, it will be live and accessible for journalists to download!

Got 100s of images and need a hand? Feel free to send them to us via WeTransfer and we can bulk upload for you.

International Settings 

The international settings that you have set on your main account in the menu on the left hand side of the screen will apply to all of your images automatically. You can check and edit your international settings here.
If you wish to change the availability settings for an individual image, you can do so directly on the image as seen below. You can edit each image independently if you don't want them to be showcased for journalists based in certain countries.

Additional information

Need to fix something? No problem! Click on the image and make changes, then save. Once your image is saved, it will be updated on Press Loft. 

Hide images
Not ready to go live? Simply hide the images that are not yet ready. 

Note: Although it usually happens within a few minutes, it may take up to 1 hour for your images to be indexed into search results and categories.

Please get in touch with the Press Loft team if you need help with your images :)

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