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Common Questions About The Press Loft Free Trial
Common Questions About The Press Loft Free Trial

Everything you need to know before starting your free trial on Press Loft including UK pricing

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I'm a retailer, can I still try Press Loft for free?

Absolutely! All you need to do to start your free trial on Press Loft is a website where you sell your products online or, if you sell to trade only, have a lists of stockists available or use a preferred supplier for the media to credit.

Press Loft works with big brands like Dunelm, Loaf and B&Q, but also with start-ups, creators, and entrepreneurs. Our network of journalists want to have access to a variety of products.

My products are not interior related, is Press Loft still relevant for me?

Press Loft works across a huge range of sectors from interiors, gifts, gardening, pets, baby, fashion, beauty and tech.

I sell unique items, is Press Loft the right fit for my business?

It can be tricky for brands selling unique items, as a product might be out of stock by the time it gets featured. If you keep an eye on the products that you showcase and make sure that you remove them from Press Loft once sold out, this can still work for you though. If you include a direct product link to your images, journalists will be able to quickly double check availability before downloading. Also, some publications have short lead times so chances that a product sells out before publishing are lower.

Does the Press Loft free trial require a credit card?

No, you don't need to give your card details on Press Loft to start your free trial! No risk to you if you don't like it.

We offer a no-obligation offer. No credit card required.

Can I cancel my free trial anytime, and is it really free?

Yes, you can cancel your account anytime during your free trial. If you want to close your account before the end of your trial, simply email the Press Loft team and they'll close your account manually for you. Your trial will be automatically closed after the free period though, so it is all free and automated.

As you have not given your credit card details, you won't get charged during or after the trial if you don't want to join our network.

Which plan do I have access to during the free trial?

When you sign up for the Press Loft free trial you'll be given free access to the Premium plan. This will give you the opportunity to experience all of our PR services: Image Library, Press Releases, Media Requests, Influencer Outreach.

Can I upgrade during the free trial?

Absolutely! If you would like to join our network of brands early, simply head to your membership page and select the membership of your choice.

How much is it after the free trial?

We offer affordable PR packages for all budgets. Our Start-Up package starts at £20/month +VAT. You can choose from 4 packages to suit your budget and requirements (see all memberships below). Prices are per month and excluding VAT.
We also offer bespoke packages, so if you don't see a package that suits your needs, please gets in touch with our lovely team:

How long does it take to set up your account on Press Loft to start being visible by journalists?

On average, it will take 1-2 hours to put your profile live on Press Loft.

How many products do I need to start my trial on Press Loft?

We recommend starting with a least 50 high-res images. Our team can also help you set-up your images on your account. Just send our team an email asking for help with uploading images and they will be able to help.

I see many brands & retailers on Press Loft, how do I get visibility?

When you create your profile on Press Loft and upload your images, you'll need to enter a product description, a title for your images, some keywords, and categories. Those will be used to reference your images on Press Loft automatically to make sure journalists find the best images when they search using our search bar.

Are there any guarantees that I will get press coverage on Press Loft during my free trial?

This depends on how closely you follow Press Loft's recommended steps to success! There are a few things you need to do to give your trial its best shot:

  • Upload as many images as possible as soon as possible :) Preferably a mixture of cut out and lifestyle Images.

  • If you don't have time to upload your images, just send them to us, we will help!

  • Send at least 1 press release during your free trial (but 2 per month is better!).

  • Check the latest Media Requests and reply to any relevant ones.

  • Follow lead times to make sure you maximise your press coverage

Feel free to reach out to the Press Loft team if you have any further questions! or use the chat on the right end corner of your screen.

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