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Link to View Coverage vs. Link to Buy
Link to View Coverage vs. Link to Buy

How to access magazines that featured your product(s)

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You have received a notification from Press Loft about press coverage? That's great!

We can't share copies of print coverage for copyright reasons unfortunately, but we try to provide you with as much information as possible to help you get hold of a copy for your records.

Link to View: If we have included a link here this means that the magazine/article is available to read online for free, either because it's a blog, an online magazine, or because a digital copy is available on free digital platforms such as issu.

If the link to view is n/a, you will need to purchase the magazine to view the feature.

Link to Buy: If the magazine that you have been featured in is not available for free, we will include a link here to let you know where you can purchase a copy. This could be a digital copy or the print version of the magazine, depending on the publication.

Tip: Keep an eye on the publication date - the links to view or to buy are the links to the latest issue available, but your product might have been featured in one of the previous issues.

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