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How many images can I showcase with each package?
How many images can I showcase with each package?

Image caps on memberships

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We offer different membership packages to suit small and large companies budgets and needs. Depending which package you choose, you will be able to showcase a certain amount of images on Press Loft:

  • Start Up package: 10-50 images

  • Essential package: 100 images

  • Standard package: 250 images

  • Premium package: 500 images

The image cap is the total cap of live images that you can showcase on Press Loft, so for instance on Start Up you can have 10 images live in your library at the same time. You can find an overview of all packages and pricing here.

Can I remove and add new ones to keep within the limit?

Yes! And the good news is, there is no limit on hidden images so you don't have to delete images but can keep as many images as you’d like in your backend and select different images to showcase each month. Especially if you're on a small image library package, we recommend rotating and switching images around on a regular basis.

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