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Why sign up for the Startup package as a small brand?
Why sign up for the Startup package as a small brand?

Take a look at why the Start Up package can be perfect for an emerging brand.

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What are the advantages of the Startup package?

  • Be seen by the press as a small brand with a small budget! Good PR is all about being seen by the right media, and the Startup package allows small brands or start-ups to showcase their products to our big media network alongside larger brands and get maximum exposure. Journalists love discovering new and small brands, just as much as they like featuring big brands- so being on Press Loft helps you to get seen.

  • Get more coverage without breaking the bank by adding on pay as you go services such as press releases and influencer outreach alerts, so you can make use of these tools as and when you need them while having a selection of your best images available for journalists to download 24/7.

  • Press Loft Studio is included in this package. Use Studio to automatically create social media content with your images. Extra tip: Use our coverage templates to shout about every single piece of coverage you receive to maximise the exposure.

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