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What can I do to maximise results on a Startup package?
What can I do to maximise results on a Startup package?
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Catching journalists’ attention with a smaller image library can be harder but the tips in this article will maximise your chances of getting coverage with a Startup package!

  • Upload images regularly: Newer images get higher up in the search results, so make sure to replace your live images with new products as soon as you have the high res images available. Journalists are constantly looking for fresh content so if you have something new to share, get the images uploaded asap.

  • Swap images around Keep a close eye on trends and top searches and swap images according to the trend and season to maximise results and minimise budget. Don't forget that you can hide/unhide images within your library to make swapping simple!

  • Add relevant keywords: Keywords are vitally important to get discovered - journalists could be searching for anything, from specific product types, shapes and materials to general gift guide ideas and interior trends. It can be helpful to keep this in mind when adding search terms for your images.

  • Updating keywords according to trends: Your products might fit different seasons or trends - make sure to regularly updating scan your images and add new suitable keywords to the right image

  • Categories: You can select up to 2 categories per image so adding a second category doubles your chances of being found.

  • Use your coverage: As soon as you’ve had coverage, shout about it on social media, newsletters, your website etc. You can read more about sharing press coverage here.

We hope that you’ll be able to use the above tips to your advantage. For a little extra boost you can always upgrade to a larger package for a few months or send a one-off press release to promote a selection of products additionally.

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