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Can I send a press release to a targeted audience?
Can I send a press release to a targeted audience?

Learn how to make sure to reach the right audience with your press releases

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On Press Loft you can send press releases to all those journalists in the countries you ship to who have opted in to receiving press releases via Press Loft.

Before forwarding your press release to the network, we will select a few generic categories of interest to make sure that your content is targeted and reaches the right people in our network. We will always aim to send your press releases to as many contacts as possible.

International press release settings

Depending on your international settings, you also have the option to choose whether you would like to send your release to local or international journalists. Please note that the international press release settings are only available on Standard and Premium packages.

To add more countries go to your International Settings

Lead times

Another way of targeting your press release is by watching the average lead times for publications that you'd like to appear in.

Quarterly, bi-monthly and monthly glossy magazines regularly work between 2 and 5 months ahead of seasonal events. For weekly magazines and daily newspapers, we recommend sending your press releases 1 - 2 months prior to the season/event.

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