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What is AI-upscaling?
What is AI-upscaling?

What is AI-upscaling and why should I do it?

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What is AI-upscaling?

AI-upscaling is the process of using artificial intelligence to increase the resolution of an image.

Here is an example of an AI-upscaled image:

How is AI used to upscale images on Press Loft?

Brands on Press Loft have the option to automatically upscale their low-res images with AI.

We offer AI-upscaling so any low-res images you upload can meet our image requirements. However, we still recommend that you should upload your own original high-res images (if you have them) as these will be the best overall quality.

How to turn AI-upscaling on or off in your account

You can toggle AI-upscaling on and off in your account settings.

Once you've toggled AI-upscaling on, all new images you upload will be automatically upscaled with AI.

If you choose to turn AI-upscaling off again, any images which have already been AI-upscaled will stay as they are, but any new low-res images you upload going forward won't be upscaled.

To revert previously upscaled images, please contact us.

How can I see which of my images have been upscaled with AI?

You can see if your image has been AI-upscaled by looking out for this tag:

Should I still upload my original high-res images if I have already upscaled my images with AI?

We always recommend adding original high-res images if you have them, as these will be the best quality by far.

AI-upscaled images will always be better than low-res images, but AI-upscaling cannot produce very large high-res images, nor replicate the same amount of detail that an original high-res image will have.

✨ Best quality:

  • Original high-res image files are perfect for the media.

πŸ‘ Medium quality:

  • AI-upscaled images are suitable for the media, and can be featured at smaller sizes, but won't be suitable for large features like front covers or full page images.

❌ Lowest quality (not suitable for the media):

  • Low-res image files cannot be used by the media as they will appear blurry or pixelated.

Why do I need high-res images for Press Loft?

Journalists need high-res images so they can be featured in print and online without appearing blurry or pixelated.

The better quality your images are, the more likely it is that journalists will download and feature them.

Can I still upload my original high-res image files after I have turned on AI-upscaling?

Yes. All you need to do is replace any upscaled images with your original high-res files.

You can do this by:

  • Opening the image details and clicking the 'Replace' button under the image preview.


  • Dragging and dropping your replacement high-res file over the image card in your library.

Is there an extra cost for AI-upscaling on Press Loft?

No, it won't cost you anything extra to upscale your images on Press Loft.

AI-upscaling is included as part of your free trial, and in any paid plan.

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